Automatic Double-Flyer
Armature Winding Machine

Automatic Double-Flyer<br> Armature Winding Machine
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Automatic Double-Flyer
Armature Winding Machine
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    WA-150 takes conductors from two separate reels of wire simultaneously to wind two slots together. Once would with the correct number of turns and connected to the respective commutator hook, the armature is indexed automatically to the next pair of slots to be wound. Easy to changeover and maintenance, memories 100 set data with CNC controller and AC Servo motor.


    1. Winding axis(1KW, 2 sets of Servo motors)
    2. Indexing axis(400W, 1 set of Servo motor)
    3. Robot with conveyor
    4. CNC controller with interface monitor
    5. Electric powder brake


    1. The latest technology for high effective and fast changeover.
    2. Via interface monitor for changing function and setting
    3. 100 memory setting for armature type
    4. Suitable to special winding pattern and hooking.
    5. I/O test can be done from Touch Screen. It is convenience for daily check.
    6. Electric powder brake is separated with 5 ranges of tension for different winding and hooking, including memories function.
    7. Display the output.
    8. The safety cover will close automatically when winding. It protects the operator in safety.

    SPECIFICATIONS:(The below is subject to change without notice.)

    Wire diameter 0.12~0.3㎜、0.3~1.0 ㎜ Motor speed 0~3000 R.P.M.
    Armature diameter 20~60㎜ Controller CNC Control system
    Armature stack height 20~60㎜ Wire tension tension controller powder brake
    tension controller mechanical
    Commutator diameter 15~40㎜(without tang) Air pressure 4~6㎏/c㎡
    Numbers of slots 6~36slots Motor AC servo motor (3sets)
    Commutator type Hook or Bar Power supply AC 3 ψ220V/380V 50/60HZ
    Direction CW or CCW Dimension 890L×1140W×1350H
    Numbers of turns 0~999 turns Weight 500KG