Commutator Fusing Machine

Commutator Fusing Machine
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Commutator Fusing Machine
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    Product ID: WF-122

    This machine is a device used to welding / fusing the copper wire which is hooked in the bar of commutator.
    Operator put the armature on the tooling, push into the chuck in standing.
    After push start button, the chuck will clip the shaft tightly.
    Automatic rotating → fusing → completion → operator take out the armature.

    • Programmable control and stable fusing being suitable for mass production.
    • Quickly change tooling (QCT)
    • Counter and welding electrode can be setting for change electrode when machine alarm.
    • Automatic fixed position and index by servo motor.
    Armature Diameter 20-60mm
    Commutator Diamoeter 15-40mm
    Commutator Height 25mm
    Bars of Commutator 48 bars (MAX)
    Shaft Diameter 5-12mm
    Motor AC servo motor (1set)
    Controller PLC controller
    Air Pressure 4-6kg/cm2
    Power Supply 3Ø220V±10% 50/60Hz
    Dimension 800L x 800W x 1750H
    Weight 300kg