Automatic Commutator
Fusing Machine

Automatic Commutator<br> Fusing Machine
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Automatic Commutator
Fusing Machine
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    This machine is for fusing the commutator . it could save time by double fusing. 


    1. Indexing device by air cylinder.
    2. Fusing force device.
    3. Double fusing device.
    4. Exhaust fume emission device.
    5. 2 sets of programmable controller
    6. Microcomputer welding controller.(Made in Japan)
    7. Water-cooling recycle device.
    8. Touch screen.


    1. Stable fusing being suitable for mass production.
    2. The quantity & welding electrode can be setting. The alarm will on when reach the quantity.
    3. The temperature control by Electrode cooling system. The machine will stop when reach temperature.
    4. 30 sets memory parameter. Using the password to avoid falsifying.
    5. The Single welding or twin welding can be select.
    6. Easy and fast fixture changing.
    7. Automatic move the faulty welding armature to non-pass area.

    SPEIFICATIONS:(The below is subject to change without notice.)

    Wire diameter A.(ψ0.3-ψ0.8 mm MAX)
    B.(ψ0.8-ψ1.00㎜ MAX)
    Controller PLC
    Armature diameter 20~80㎜ Air pressure AC 3 φ380V ±10%
    Commutator diameter 10~50㎜ Power supply 4~6㎏/c㎡
    Bars of commutator 48 Max. Dimension 1000L×1620W×1750H
    Shaft diameter 4~20㎜ Weight 750KG
    Capacity 2 Fusing Head