Shaft Placing Machine

Shaft Placing Machine<br> (Hydraulic)
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Shaft Placing Machine
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    Product Character

    A.       SUMMAYR


       The operator put the lamination and shaft together put into the tooling, then, start the two safety buttons. The

    Oil cylinder will press down until completion.



    1. 1.          Machine
    2. 2.          Oil pressure PUMP and oil pressure cylinder
    3. 3.          Load cell (select)
    4. 4.          Two safety buttons


    C.       FAEATURE

    According to the product, the oil pressure cylinder can be adjust the pressure time and distance.  The machine will process AUTO/SINGLE/JOG.  It is easy to operate.  There are two safety start buttons for safety operating.



    D.        SPECIFICATIONThe below are subject to change without notice

    Power source:              Oil pressure PUMP 2HP20 L/MIN 

    Oil pressure cylinder:  ψ80*200L(2Ton)

    Power supply:              AC 3 phase 220/380V 50HZ/60HZ

    Dimension:                  650L×720W×1580H

    Weight:                        300