Shaft Placing Machine (servo)

Shaft Placing Machine (servo)
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Shaft Placing Machine (servo)
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    Product ID: WPS-500S

    This machine is an automatic device used to inserting.
    Shaft into the Lamination.
    This is fully automatic load the lamination and shaft from the material through into tooling. Via conveyor to working area.
    Machine starts to loading → postion → commutator placing → completion.
    Easy to operation with touching screen and diagnostic system.

    • High efficiency, stably and suitable for mass production.
    • Easy operation with colorful touch panel.
    • Self-monitoring system and abnormal display.
    • It can use Load Cell to control and test pressure for reduce NG rate.
    Armalure Diameter 20-60mm
    Armalure Stack Height 20-60mm
    Shaft Diameter 4-12mm
    Shaft Length 80-180mm
    Controller PLC Controller
    Air Pressure 4-6kg/cm2
    Power Supply  3Ø220V±10% 50/60Hz 
    Dimension 1150L x 1600W x 2100H 
    Weight 800kg