Automatic Armature
Insulating Paper Inserting Machine

Automatic Armature<br> Insulating Paper Inserting Machine
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Automatic Armature
Insulating Paper Inserting Machine
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    Product Character


    The operator put the armature into the tooling seat. Push start button. The cylinder of tooling seat will start upward to the right position. Then, the machine will automatic cutting, rotating, inserting until all slots insulated.


    1. Counter。
    2. Automatic feed-in mechanism。
    3. Insulating paper cutting / forming device。


    1. Being installed with conveyer of production line, labor cost economy and work efficiency will be promoted.
    2. Self-lubricating and low-noise operating condition.
    3. Optional for edge folding.
    4. Optional for the material of paper.

    SPECIFICATION:(The below are subject to change without notice)

    Armature diameter 20~80㎜ Armature stack heigh 20~80㎜
    Number of rotor slots 4~50 SLOTS Shaft length 90~200㎜
    Thickness of paper 0.13~0.35㎜ Power AC 3 phase 220V 50HZ/60HZ
    Motor 1HP Air pressure 4Kg/CM²
    Dimension 1200L×730W×1330 H Weight 550KG