Automatic Wedge
Inserting M/C

Automatic Wedge <br>Inserting M/C
Product Name :
Automatic Wedge
Inserting M/C
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    Product Character

    Automatic Wedge Insertion Machine

    The armature is put in fixture by operator, and push start button.
    When armature is in right position → auto cutting → index → inserting paper → completion

    • Machine with conveyor for automatic production, save labor cost and high efficiency.
    • Machine with lubrication system, low volume of working and extend machine life-span.
    • It can choose paper hamming on slot or not.
    • Optional for material of insulating paper.


    Armature Diameter 20-60mm
    Armature Stack Height 20-60mm
    Numbers of Slots 4-50mm
    Shaft Length 90-200mm
    Slot Insulation 0.13-0.35mm
    Motor 1HP
    Air Pressure 4-6kg/cm2
    Power Supply  3Ø220V±10% 50/60Hz 
    Dimension 900L x 1600W x 1550H 
    Weight 550kg