Automatic multi-poles
Stator Winding machine

Automatic multi-poles <br>Stator Winding machine
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Multi-poles Stator Winding machine
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    Product Character

    A.    SUMMARY

    The machine is device for automatic winding mutipole of stator .
    Operator put stator on tooling->control by servo motor -> rotating -> arraying ->
    winding -> automatic cutting -> completion 



    1.          Winding axisAC servo motors)。

    2.          Synchronal axisAC servo motors

    3.          Indexing axisAC servo motor)。

    4.          CNC controller with interface monitor.

    5.          2 sets of mechanical tensionerl


    C.     FEATURES

    1.          The latest technology for high effective and fast changeover

    2.          Easy to operator with touching screen system.

    3.          100 memory setting for armature type



    D.SPECIFICATIONSThe below is subject to change without notice.

    Wire diameter                          A. 0.40.9 B. 0.91.2

    Stator diameter                       30115

    Stator stack thickness             540

    Numbers of slots                     218slots

    Motor speed                            03000 R.P.M.

    Direction                                  CW or CCW

    Controller                                CNC Controller

    Air pressure                            45/c㎡

    Power supply                          AC 3 phase 220, ±10% 50/60HZ

    Dimension                              1400L×800W×980H

    Weight                                    450