Automatic Commutator
Turning Machine

Automatic Commutator <br>Turning Machine
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Automatic Commutator
Turning Machine
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    Product Character
    This machine is an automatic device used cutter to turning commutator dia.
    The armature put on the V-block by operator.
    The belt device goes downward to oppress the lamination, then start turning. And the machine will automatic cutter forward → turning → cutter backward (cutter back to original postion) → completion.


    • Stably feeding, high roundness and accuracy.
    • V-block with artificial diamond and auto lubrication system.
    • Easy operation with colorful touch panel.
    • Quickly change tooling (QCT)
    • 100 parameter memories setting for various of armature. Password is setting for change of different armature, to prevent nobody can change any setting.
    • Double cutter seat. It can set CW and CCW turning. (cutter feeding, turning and armature be rotated control by each servo motor)
    • Easy to operate with touching screen and diagnostic system.
    • Two cutter seat, Cutter in, turning and armature rotating by Servo Motor
    • PCD V type seat with automatic lubrication system.
    Armature Diameter 20-100mm
    Commutator Diameter 15-40mm
    Commutator Height 15-40mm
    Shaft Diameter 2.5-22mm
    Shaft Length 50-350mm
    Processing Length 40mm
    Surface Roughness 3-5µ
    Tooling V-block with artificial diamond
    Cutter Cutter with artificial diamond
    Motor AC servo motor (3sets)
    Controller PLC controller
    Air Pressure 4-6kg/cm2
    Power Supply 1Ø 220V ±10% 50HZ/60HZ
    Dimension 700L x 900W x 1520H
    Weight 450kg