Fully Automatic
Armature Test Machine

Fully Automatic <br>Armature Test Machine
Product Name :
Fully Automatic
Armature Test Machine


    Product Character

    Equipment Introduction:

    This machine is an automatic device used to test and judge the Motor Armature.

    Work and Operation Content Description:

    1. Work Description

      By means of probe(touch commutator surface) testing or output voltage to test the armature characteristic.

    2. Operation Content

      After placing the Armature into the fixture, the operator will press AUTO button and then take it out after finishing.

    Main Unit and Specification:

    1. AC Voltage Resistance Testing

      Voltage:AC Voltage resistance: 50~2000V (20mA)
        Insulation resistance: 30~1000V (9999MΩ)
      (2) Accuracy
       Output voltage resistance :±2% of setting +5V
       Leakage Current : ±2% of setting +2counts
       Insulation tseting voltage :±2% of setting +5V
        Insulation resistance :±2% of setting +2 counts (at 1~999MΩ)
      Testing method:Coil face Shaf by 1 time (Optional: Coil face lamination by 2times)

    2. DC Resistance Testing

      The testing method :4 wire testing inclding Temp. compensation
      Sampling time :16 times / Sec.
      (3) Feedback speed:80ms
      (4) Accuracy:

    3. Layer Shortage Testing

      (1)Pulse Voltage:500~2000V (100V Step)
      (2) Joules capacity:Max 250milli
      (3) Sampling speed:8bit/10nS(100MHz)
      (4) Accuracy:0.1%
      (5) The testing method:900 testing in order by 4times (Optional: 450 testing in order by 8times)

    Machine structure:

    1. AC Voltage resistance meter 1 set
    2. DC Resistance micro OHM meter 1 set
    3. Layer Shortage Oscillograph 1 set
    4. PLC controller 1 set
    5. 10.4" Colorful Control Panel 1 set

    Basic equipment

    Power supply AC 1 ψ220V±10% 50HZ Air pressure 4-6 kg c㎡
    Machine color Light sandy white Machine size 1150L × 607W × 2240H (m/m)
    Machine weight 200KG